Mother Nature took a little reprieve in this nasty weather she'd been dealing us, so we could all get out and enjoy the Old Timers Run, and that we did. The Mid-nite Riders say, it was one of their best. Participating establishments report great attendance at their businesses. It seems to have been a good chance for folks to get outdoors in-between the wicked bouts of weather.  Many sleds entered the contest this year and many folks purchased tickets. Here are following Ticket Winners:

$500 cash- Tony Nistler

Roadhouse $100 - Cheri Willette

Roadhouse $100 - James Erickson

Roadhouse $100 -  Tricia & Brian Maloney

Cormorant Pub $100 - Pat Jones

Roadhouse $100 - Todd Anderson

Roadhouse $100 - Rick Sauer

Pit 611 $100 - Brad Endersbe

Pit 611 $100 - Michael Meastal

Pit 611 $100 - Matt Johnson

Audubon Liquors $100 - Blaine Schrendffger

Audubon Liquors $100 -Wayne Willette

Audubon Liquors $100 - Jeff Weber

Cormorant Lake's Sportsmans Club Gun - Jude Ostegarden

Lake Park liquor Store $300 - - Brian Nordhougen

Cormorant Inn 1 Nite Stay & Tab - Patty Warner

TJ's $50 - Lindi Bjornson

TJ's $50 - Dave Wightman

TJ's $50 - Matt Borstad

TJ's $50 - Orvis Olson

TJ's $50 - Felicia Johnson

TJ's $50 - Dennis Johnke

Hooligans $50 - Whitney Carlson Hooligans $50 - Stephanie Maharas

Hooligans $50 - Heidi Brakefield

Hooligans $50 - Brad Engen

Hooligans $50 - Pete Anderson

Hooligans $50 - Dana Braseth

Sled Winners:

(Rat Sled) - Brandon Lenk, Shevlin,MN

(Custom)- 1st place. Jessica Hovelson, Cormorant,MN. 2nd place. Paul Hogenson, Audubon,MN

(Race Sled) - 1st place. Dave Retzlaff, Cormorant,MN 2nd place. Casey Johnson - Glyndon,MN

(1967 & Older) - 1st place. Bryan Nordhagen, Fargo,ND. 2nd place. Andrew Mikkelson, Lake Park,MN.

(1968-1971) - 1st place. Matt Johk, Dilworth, MN. 2nd place. Mark Waltz, Lake Ida,MN

(1972 - 1974) - 1st place, Dustin Knutson, Frazee,MN. 2nd place, Jamie Gjevsvig, Detroit Lakes,Mn

(1975-1980) - 1st Place, Pete Wmen Pelican Rapids,MN. 2nd place, Duane Solga, Motley,MN

A Big Thank you:

The members of the Cormorant Lakes Sportsman's Club (CLSC) would like to thank the members of the Mid-Nite Riders  for allowing them to once again be a part of the Old Timers Run.  Since 2007 the CLSC has been a part of the Old Timers Run and it has become one of our main fund raising events for the year.This year we sold on Food and beer!

CLSC appreciates  all of the support from those who stopped in during the run to eat, drink or just say hi!  It is a privilege to work with fellow non profits in our community.

Thank You & Happy Trails

The Cormorant Lakes Sportsman's Club

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